CAN I CUSTOMISE MY OWN HUT? Yes. While we have our standard Blackmill Shepherd Hut we can also create bespoke Huts that are custom to you and your needs. Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom facilities can be incorporated into your Hut, our limit is your imagination. 

DO I NEED PLANNING PERMISSION? No. A Shepherd Hut is a temporary and mobile structure so you can move it around freely. It is advised you contact your local authority if you want to use your Hut as a permanent fixture, each authority have different regulations on mobile structures. 

CAN I TOW MY SHEPHERD HUT? Yes and No! Unfortunately you cannot tow the Huts on the road due to the Steel wheels and chassis, but once we have delivered the Hut onto your property you are free to tow it around freely. 

WHAT GROUND IS SUITABLE FOR MY HUT? A hard surface is ideal for your Shepherd Hut but that doesn't mean you have to be limited to where you want to place it. Sleepers, cement patches and block pavers are ideal footings to lay over softer grounds for your Hut to rest on. Once you have ordered your Hut our Head Carpenter will send you the design details ready for you to start preparing for its arrival! 

ARE THE SHEPHERD HUTS INSULATED? All of our Huts come with fibreglass insulation in the walls, ceilings and floors and with each Hut being customisable you can have a Pot Belly Burner installed and you can use your Hut all year round!